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  • WOCA Natural Soap Spray Bottle

Natural Soap Spray


WOCA Natural Soap Spray is a ready-mixed oil and natural soap mixture which makes maintaining oiled furniture, doors, table tops, panels, stairs and  floors easy. Natural Soap is a high quality soap with nourishing properties.  It quickly closes the pores of the wood to protect the surface against dirt and the penetration of liquids.

  • Ready mixed
  • Re-greasing effect
  • Suitable for toys
  • Nourishing properties

(covers approx. 20-40 sq. ft. per bottle)

Cleaning agents:
Emollients extracted from soy beans and coconut oil, which also retain moisture in the floor, just as quality soap would for your hands. As they dry and form an invisible film on the surface, the floor receives added protection against wear and dirt.

When a floor has been finished with a White oil, Soap White should be used to reinforce the lighter look.


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WOCA Natural Soap Spray Details

WOCA Natural Soap Spray is ready mixed and easy to use. The ready-mixed natural soap spray makes the maintaining of oiled furniture, doors, table tops, panels, stairs, floors easier. Natural Soap is a high quality soap. Because of its nourishing properties, it quickly closes the pores of the wood. Therefore, protecting wood from dirt and the penetration of liquids. Natural Soap ‘White’ is recommended for surfaces treated with white oil, while Natural Soap ‘Natural’ is ideal for surfaces treated with natural or Color Oil.

How To Use WOCA Natural Soap Spray

  1. Shake the spray well before use.
  2. Spray the Natural Soap on the surface.
  3. Wipe the surface with a cotton cloth.

Tip: For very dirty surfaces, you may first clean it with Woca Wood Cleaner and subsequently with Natural Soap.  To protect areas that have heavy wear, use WOCA Maintenance Paste after cleaning with Wood Cleaner. If you have a particularly difficult stain, use WOCA Spot Remover.

WOCA Natural Soap Spray How to Use Video

WOCA Natural Soap Technical Info

Product properties
Declaration: Coconut and soya fats, pigment (white). Less than 5% soap.
Form: Liquid
Density: 1
Coverage: 20-40 sq. ft. per bottle
Colors: Natural and white
Odor: Faint
Application tools: Soft lint-free cotton cloths.
Cleaning of tools: With water and soap.
Disposal: Empty containers and residues to be disposed of according to local regulations.
Available Sizes: 750 ml spray bottle

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Natural, White


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