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Driftwood Lye


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WOCA Driftwood Lye Product Details

WOCA Driftwood Lye is a water based product that give the wood a wood a unique weather-beaten patina. The product is for use on oak wood. By using WOCA Driftwood Lye, the wood will get a very nice 2-dimensional appearance. After using WOCA Driftwood Lye the wood surface must be treated with one of the WOCA finishing oils.

How To Apply WOCA Driftwood Lye

Driftwood Lye Application
Driftwood Lye Application
Driftwood Lye Application
Driftwood Lye Application
  1. Use suitable safety gloves and glasses during application.
  2. The surface needs light sanding and must be clean and dry. We recommend a full sanding using 100-120 grit sandpaper. Please note that the sanding, as far as possible, must take place immediately before the application of the lye.
  3. Shake container well pour the lye into a plastic paint tray. Make sure there are no pigments left in the container. During the application process, the lye must be stirred.
  4. Apply the lye undiluted in an even coat using a lye-resistant brush or paint roller.  Apply along the grain of the wood, at least 1 liter for 107 sqft. Vertical flats to be handled from top to bottom.
  5. As a rule, the wood is dry after 24 hours at 68°F. After complete drying, use a polishing machine with either a beige/8 mm green or bordeaux pad for denibbing. Remove the sanding dust with vacuum cleaner.
  6. Complete the treatment by applying one of the WOCA oils.

How-to-Apply WOCA Driftwood Lye Video

WOCA Driftwood Lye Technical Info

Product properties
pH-value: 13-14
Declaration: Sodium hydroxide, water, white pigments.
Form: Liquid
Coverage: 8-10 m2/l.
Colors: White and grey
Odor: Faint
Application tools: Lye-resistant brush or paint roller.
Cleaning of tools: Clean tools with water and soap.
Disposal: Dispose of contents/container to an approved waste disposal plant.
Available Sizes: 2,5 liter = 2.64172 liquid quart

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Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs

Driftwood Grey, Driftwood White


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