Wood Floor Maintenance

Helpful guide for oiled wood floor care

Regular wood floor maintenance will ensure that your floors remain durable and beautiful. WOCA cleaning and maintenance products are 100% VOC Free and ecologically friendly.

Oiled Wood Floors Cleaning

WOCA Natural Soap is a wood soap designed to clean and protect oil finished surfaces from dirt, stains and wear and tear. WOCA Natural Soap cleans the wood and leaves behind an invisible layer of soy and coconut fats. This layer helps to ward off most anything. When used on a regular basis, WOCA Natural Soap makes your oil finished wood floor more dirt- and wear resistant. It also makes it easier to keep clean.

Why is WOCA Natural Soap so important for oil finished floors?

Think of it like caring for your skin. You want a product that cleanses AND protects it from getting dry and cracked. Like a moisturizing cleanser, WOCA Natural Soap removes the dirt while creating a new microscopic, breathable soap film on the wood surface.

WOCA Natural Soap and WOCA Oil Refresher work together as a system to clean, protect and revive your floor. For a durable, well protected, beautiful oil finish, we recommend mopping with WOCA Natural Soap on a regular basis and mopping with WOCA Oil Refresher approx. every fourth time or as needed.

Wood Floor Cleaning Products

Microfiber mops are not recommended for wood floor cleaning
Many people believe that a microfiber mop is a great tool for wood floor cleaning. However, microfiber mops are mildly abrasive and will gradually wear down an oil finish.

Recommendation: Use a quality swep mop / cotton yarn twist mop instead.
We recommend working with two buckets, one containing the Soap solution and the second containing water to rinse the dirty mop. This prevents the dirt from getting back on the floor.

Removing visible footprints from wood floors

The problem may be an excessive dosage of soap. The content in our different WOCA soaps has been carefully combined to achieve a perfect texture and quality. So even though you think, you are doing the floor a favour, it is very important to mix the soap with water as recommended on the label.

Recommendation: Clean the floor with pure, lukewarm water (without soap) and the footprints will disappear again.

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