Residential Oiled Floors Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

Keeping your oil finished floors clean and well maintained will keep them beautiful and protected for years to come.  WOCA’s cleaning and maintenance products are natural and effective at protecting and rejuvenating your floors for years to come.

Routine Cleaning

For daily clean-ups or as needed, use WOCA Natural Soap.  It is available in a convenient ready mixed bottle, or concentrate (click here for mixing instructions).  Natural Soap comes in Natural and White.  Choose White for light finished flooring and Natural for darker finishes. Click here for application instructions.

Quarterly Maintenance

(3-4 times per year)

Every 3 to 4 months WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap, formerly named Oil Refresher, is used to clean and refresh oil finished floors. WOCA Oil Refresher is a partner to Natural Soap. WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap combines efficient cleaning with oil rejuvenation, as additional oil penetrates the wood which reinforces the existing oil finish.

(Natural or White)


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