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Diamond Oil Active 8.5 Ounce Can
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SKU: 566005US

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WOCA Diamond Oil Active is a plant-based penetrating oil. A wood finish that colors and protects in 1 product. Diamond Oil Active highlights the natural beauty and character of your wood and provides a very durable surface that is resistant...

WOCA Panel White
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SKU: 577802A

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Panel White is a water-based product for the lighter coloring of raw or previously treated wood ceilings, paneling, and shiplap. The wood grain, character, and knots will lighten in color yet remain visible. For indoor use only, ideally on lighter-colored...

WOCA Home Hardwood, LVT, Tile & Laminate Floor Cleaner 4 Pack
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SKU: WOCA Hardwood, LVT Bundle

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4 Pack Bundle WOCA Home Hardwood, LVT, Tile and Laminate Floor Cleaner, eco-friendly, natural and clean. FREE SHIPPING Formulated for the cleaning and care of all types of wood, LVT, tile and laminate floors.  Plant based ingredients make a perfect...

WOCA Pre-Color 2.5 liter
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SKU: 500241US

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Pre-Color is a water-based stain used for the priming of unfinished or newly sanded interior woodwork such as floors, stairs, furniture and panels. Provides new intensive colors Requires subsequent treatment with WOCA Master Color Oil or Diamond Oil Active. Suitable...

Diamond Oil Active 8.5 Ounce Can Contractor Kit
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SKU: 5300KIT

AVAILABILITY: In stock (4 items)

The Diamond Oil Active Contractor Kit contains all 9 colors of WOCA's Diamond Oil Active.  It is the perfect solution for finding the right color for your projects.   


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